Nancy White

About Me

Hey - This is Nancy White.

Interior designing has been my passion for over the last ten years. Helping people design their dream homes is what I take delight. In 2015, I sold off my immensely successful venture, ‘Interiors,’ at Strafford in Philadelphia to devote my entire time to making every home beautiful. I believe that each house should make a personal statement and reflect its uniqueness. My designed residential spaces have always positively impacted my clients and made them see their visions come true. My goal forever is to give my clients their desired interiors with a unique and charming touch. 

I have handled some of the most prestigious projects, such as designing the interiors of the Merion Golf Club, the model homes of Main Line, and the houses of several vital entrepreneurs. Such challenging projects have been stepping stones to where I belong and have helped me sharpen my designing skills to impress clients of all tastes. From designing the wall décor to the bookshelf or installing the right type, size, and color of blinds and curtains, I have covered everything for you. 

I believe in creating a warm and cozy environment that beckons you every time you step in. Everyone deserves to live in a personalized environment that suits their tastes and visions of a dream home. Whenever you return, the interior décor should cast a charming effect on your senses to make you feel at home with the warmth. This is what turns a residence into a sweet home. I love to be a part of this journey and transformation, and being able to play a role in the renovation satisfies me to the greatest extent. 

Elegance defines my style, and providing your homes with a subtle, elegant, and sophisticated grandeur is my signature touch. I try to single out the keepsakes and centerpieces that may stay with you forever, even if you change homes. My style lies in balancing the available colors, textures, and patterns. While prioritizing what your home needs for a striking appeal and what you feel about your home, I weave in uniqueness and sophistication to make your home have an identity of its own. However, you can be assured that it is your vision that I am giving shape to. I discuss and delve deep into my clients’ desires and ideas and mold them with my own to let them have their choices and preferences presented with more polish and elegance. 

In my spare time, I write my personal, non-profit blog about homes and interior design. My blogs shall help you with everything from kitchen flooring to living room décor and bedroom lighting options. You can go through many interior decoration topics for the best idea about making spaces radiate their minimalistic beauty. I feel that with my blog, I can contribute significantly to helping people design their homes or favorite spaces with my tips and design ideas. I strive to help you build the most special bond with your home, where you spend your happiest moments.


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