12 Stylish but Practical Kitchen Flooring Ideas (With Picture)

Kitchen floors are the home’s beating heart, so choosing the right option is essential. Consider kitchen flooring ideas that will keep your kitchen clean without compromising comfort.

A kitchen floor should durable yet easy to clean. It shouldn’t stand out too much in an open-plan kitchen space. Furthermore, it should fit with your lifestyle and complement your kitchen design.

Before we start exploring flooring ideas for the kitchen, let’s answer a few questions many of you have.

What is Kitchen Safety Flooring?

Kitchen Safety FlooringIt is typically made from aluminum oxide, which is the same material used for sandpaper. Like all vinyl kitchen floors, it comes in tiles that fit together without adhesive. A good quality safety floor can be slippery when wet. Yet, kitchen safety floors are getting better in this respect.

What Kitchen Flooring is Best for High Traffic Areas?

Kitchen Flooring is Best for High Traffic AreasKitchen tiles are the common kitchen flooring for high-traffic areas. That’s because kitchen vinyl is less hard-wearing than kitchen laminates, wood floors, or safety floors. You can fit the kitchen with tiles in a short amount of time. This makes them a great choice if you have a lot of people coming in and out. 

What Kitchen Flooring Should I Use Near My Sink?

Kitchen Flooring Should I Use Near My SinkKitchen laminates, vinyl kitchen floor coverings (LVT), or real wood kitchen vinyl are ideal choices around your sink area. That’s because they don’t show watermarks as kitchen wood floors do. You can clean most spillages on these kitchen planks with kitchen paper, towels, and spray.

Are Kitchen Mats Safe to Use in High Traffic Rooms?

Kitchen MatsKitchen mats are the best kitchen flooring choice for high-traffic areas of your kitchen. This is because they’re often made from rubber or cork, which gives a great non-slip grip. Plus, if one gets dirty, you can wash it. But kitchen matting isn’t as durable as vinyl kitchen floors either, so don’t choose it if spills happen regularly.

What Kind of Kitchen Floor Do I Need Near My Cooker?

Kitchen Flooring IdeasIf you have a gas cooktop, you should install safety flooring within 60cm of your cooker. Why should you do this, you may ask? Without getting into technical details, this prevents damage from heat during cooking.

What Kind of Kitchen Floor Do I Need Under My Fridge?

What Kind of Kitchen Floor Do I Need Under My FridgeSafety flooring is the best kitchen flooring choice for this area of your kitchen. That’s because it’s non-slip and won’t leave marks on the surface below as vinyl laminates will. Kitchen mats or cork tiles are also great choices because too.

Picking Kitchen Flooring: Tips for First-Time Renovations

Tips for First-Time RenovationsAre you concerned that kitchen laminates or kitchen vinyl won’t stand the test of time? Well, keep in mind that kitchen flooring manufacturers have come a long way since laminates and vinyl first became popular. 

Today’s kitchen laminate floors are available in many different wood effects looks as stone, tile, brick, and plank. Multi-layered backing boards make them durable too. Kitchen safety floors nowadays are generally guaranteed for 15 years against water damage.  This kind of kitchen flooring was unheard of a few years ago. 

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Many manufacturers recommend professional installation to keep kitchen floor coverings in top condition. That’s unless your kitchen is small (under 10 square meters). However, if you are keen to do-it-yourself read up on today’s new range of kitchen vinyl click systems. That’s because it lets you fit yourself without fuss with DIY kitchen flooring.

Top 12 Kitchen Tile Flooring Ideas

Kitchen Flooring IdeasKitchens are some of the hardest working spaces in our homes.  That is why kitchen flooring often gets overlooked. In a kitchen, you walk more than in any other room in the home. That means kitchen floors must regularly stand up to heavy traffic, spills, and water. Sometimes kitchen flooring can be a quick decision. Laminate kitchen flooring is a popular choice because it is affordable, stylish, and durable.

Laminate kitchen flooring isn’t your only option, though. Vinyl kitchen flooring or vinyl planks are another equally versatile solution. It offers everything from luxury look-a-likes alternatives depending on your preference. The vinyl kitchen can offer warmth and even easily mimic real wood designs. So what’s the best kitchen flooring for you? Read on to find out more…

1. Kitchen Wooden Flooring Ideas

Kitchen Wooden Flooring Ideas Wooden kitchen flooring is a classic kitchen design choice. If you are lucky enough to have wooden kitchen floorboards, be sure to give them a protective coating of wax once they are thoroughly cleaned.

In all their varieties, kitchen tiles are still the preferred kitchen floor coverings. The durability and adaptability of tiles make them an ideal solution for everyday family wear and tear. Choose from natural stone tiles, wood look tiles, or ceramic tiles in bold colors, patterns, or decorative finishes.

2. Kitchen Flooring Ideas With Laminates

Kitchen Flooring Ideas With LaminatesLaminate floors are always a popular choice due to their durability, water resistance, and ease of installation. They are also ideal for busy families. You can fit kitchen laminates over existing surfaces. That eliminates the need to rip up existing kitchen flooring if this isn’t practical. Find out more about kitchen laminates.

3. Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring IdeasYour family’s safety is your priority when choosing kitchen floor coverings. You must consider slip-resistance properties. Kitchen vinyl comes in two varieties: 

  •  luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) with a wood effect finish
  • real wood kitchen vinyl designed to look like solid wood kitchen flooring. 

Both kitchen vinyl is easy to clean and maintain, making kitchen floor ideas with kitchen vinyl a popular choice for many families.

While kitchen laminates only come in wood effect or laminate designs, kitchen vinyl is available in plain colors. There are classic or modern stone/wood looks. DIYers and professionals can install kitchen safety floors and kitchen luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). 

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That way, you can enjoy your new kitchen floor almost immediately. If an accident happens and a tile or two becomes loose, you can remove kitchen vinyl tiles easily. That’s without damaging the rest of the kitchen floor covering.

4. Kitchen Flooring Ideas With Vinyl Planks

Kitchen Flooring Ideas With Vinyl PlanksVinyl kitchen flooring in the form of kitchen plank tiles is another kitchen design choice that is fast becoming popular. These kitchen tiles can be fitted easily and quickly, plus they come with the bonus of being highly durable, just like kitchen laminates.

5. Kitchen Floor Mats & Rugs for Wet Areas

Kitchen Floor Mats & Rugs for Wet AreasWet areas require kitchen floor coverings suitable for high-traffic zones. Kitchen mats and rugs are ideal for this area of your home so think about investing in some good quality kitchen mats. Kitchen matting also comes in handy if you have pets running around on your kitchen floor. That’s because it’s so quick and easy to clean up accidents with a kitchen mop and towel.

6. Kitchen Carpet Flooring Ideas

Kitchen Carpet Flooring IdeasCarpets may seem like an odd choice for kitchen floors but not when you think about it. If you already have carpet in your kitchen, why not continue the theme with kitchen floor rugs? This kitchen flooring idea adds to your kitchen’s cozy feel. If you prefer kitchen flooring that is easier to clean than carpet, consider kitchen vinyl flooring instead. 

They’re available in a wide array of designs and textures. Kitchen tiles or safe kitchen floors are other popular kitchen floor ideas for families.

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The choice between kitchen laminates and kitchen vinyl comes down mainly to preference. But there are also price points and durability requirements. The same kitchen floor ideas may work for both materials. You can also use some kitchen vinyl as “click” self-adhesive tiles. This can save you time when it comes to laying the kitchen floor yourself.

7. Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring IdeasIf you’re thinking of kitchen flooring ideas with laminate, vinyl, or tiles, why not try kitchen flooring that is already in vogue? The country kitchen style is a growing trend in home furnishings and kitchen design. Combine designs from around the world and create a country kitchen like no other. Consider using dark-stained wooden kitchen flooring in an irregular plank design. Another option is to choose a beige carpet to fit in with your rustic interior decor.

8. Contemporary Kitchen Floor Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Floor IdeasContemporary kitchens are sleek and stylish by nature. However, neutral interiors can leave your kitchen feeling cold and uninviting. Bring warmth into this space by choosing warm colors such as orange or yellow for your kitchen walls (or even add kitchen wallpaper). Kitchen flooring ideas should include dark kitchen flooring, kitchen vinyl in a high gloss finish, or even kitchen carpet. These are all great options if you want to create a cozy family area.

9. Rustic Kitchen Floor Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Floor IdeasRustic kitchen design trends are focused on the kitchen’s walls and cabinets.  You can decorate the floors in the same style. This is great news for homeowners who don’t have much money to spend. Use dark kitchen flooring tiles or kitchen laminates with warm undertones to give your kitchen that country feeling. With this, you won’t have to resort to budget-busting wood effect laminate.

10. Kitchen Flooring Ideas With Oak Cabinets

Kitchen Flooring Ideas With Oak CabinetsThe kitchen flooring you choose should also consider the kitchen cabinets. Oak kitchen cabinets are very popular this year, especially kitchen flooring made of oak. That’s because they are not only beautiful but durable too. But if you don’t have kitchen cabinets made of wood, fear not. You can use kitchen tiles in an oak design to create the illusion of kitchen floors made from natural materials. You won’t have to spend a fortune on real wood kitchen vinyl or laminate flooring.

11. Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Kitchen Tiles Ideas

When choosing kitchen flooring ideas, think about the placement of your kitchen appliances. Also, think about how easy cleaning your new kitchen floor surface is. Vinyl is ideal for kitchens with tiled walls because it’s no hassle to mop kitchen flooring with a textured or matte design. Kitchen laminates work well with wooden cabinets because they complement their natural tones.

12. Ceramic Tiles For Kitchen Floor

Ceramic Tiles For Kitchen FloorIf you want an expensive kitchen floor, kitchen tiles are the way to go.  They can be made from stone or ceramic materials and come in various designs and colors. At this point, you’re only limited by your imagination. There’s no risk of kitchen vinyl cracking beneath your feet. This ensures that the cleanliness and durability of your kitchen floor remain uncompromised for years to come. You might even consider kitchen line flooring if you want something easy to maintain and don’t mind sacrificing on style.

The Bottom Line on Kitchen Flooring Ideas

What type of laminate do I need for my kitchen? When it comes to choosing the right kitchen floor for your style and budget, there’s no such thing as one size fits all kitchen flooring. But with so many kitchen floor options available to you, it’s not hard to create a kitchen that’s as unique as your own personality.

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