Ultimate Guide For Office Relocation: 7 Tips You Must Follow

Moving to a new office space can be exciting as a new working space can cheer up the employees. One might shift from one office to another after a long time, which might be complicated. 

If you are planning any relocation, it should be seamless, stress-free, and conducted with effective planning and less downtime. At the same time, you might also have to juggle multiple tasks such as updating a new address, packing and moving, paying bills, managing utilities, and various other responsibilities to delegate. 

In order to avoid such mishaps, you should get some help from professional office relocation service providers who are completely equipped to perform successful office shifting. 

In this article, we will state some effective tips to help you relocate your office. 

7 Tips You Must Follow While Relocating Office 

Here are seven critical office relocation tips that will help you increase the chance of an effective and fast move.

1. Plan Office Relocation Early 

The commercial relocation system requires detailed planning and preparation. While you plan the move, decide the moving date at least six months prior. This will choose a particular time frame for the relocation process after which you can come up with a schedule.

You can assemble a planning team that comprises key stakeholders and decision-makers involved in the relocation. This will make sure that every factor will contribute successfully towards the transition to a new office. 

In addition to that, have a specific budget that is assigned to the relocation process. This comes in handy when identifying the cost of hiring movers and assists in avoiding making ignorant decisions. 

2. Assign A Project Manager 

Every office shift requires a team to coordinate with the project manager and boost the chance of success. Even after you have divided the task among every employee, you are required to assign a person who would supervise the entire office shifting. 

When you appoint a project manager, it will contribute to every aspect of the relocation process. Starting from delegating exceptional organizational skills to multi-tasking communication with different departments and will also work on budgets. 

With the inclusion of a great set of management tools, one can also help in making the relocation more seamless. 

3. Protect Your Data 

While shifting from one office location to another, keeping the files and computer equipment safe is always better. 

You can also end up misplacing some important documents or lose hard drives. Hence, when moving to a new office space, you must back up your data and protect it from loss and breach. 

For example, use a digital visitor management system to protect the staff and visitor data. One of the greatest benefits is that it is completely cloud-based, and there is no risk of disruptions. This way, one can demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR since you will not lose any data from the past. 

4. Communicate With The Employees

Communicating with the workforce is one of the most important duties during an office shift. Make sure that the staff are updated about the latest movement and notify them of the time schedule. 

You can also update the staff about the important changes and procedure at the new business premises which involves:

  • Packing arrangements at the new location, among others.
  • Revise the new address, phone number, or fax details. 
  • Informing the staff about the new building rules. 

You can also encourage them to maintain a moving checklist to ensure that every requirement is covered and everything is noticed. While a new change can be unsettling for the employees, communication will be key to boosting their morale and adapting to the new workplace. 

5. Deep Clean Your Office 

Remember not to move with items that you do not need. You can remove every old file, dispose of the broken tables and chairs, shred the unwanted papers, and donate the equipment that is not required anymore. 

Therefore, be sure to consult with the accountant since they are dealing with the budgets and can advise what items can be sold and what can be purchased new. 

Even an integrated service provider will help you clean your office deeply and offer you a range of options for interior designing and choosing the right furniture. 

6. Hire A Professional Company 

Hiring a moving company is essential as it facilitates a smooth office relocation procedure. The moving company has the right transportation facilities, equipment, tools, expertise, and knowledge to make the process seamless. 

These service providers will help you with packing and unpacking services to ensure the business items are transferred safely. Hence, a moving company can also point out the business requirements and assist in drafting a suitable moving plan. 

On the other hand, they will further help you to reduce the pressure in minimizing downtime and regulate employee productivity through every aspect of an office move. 

You can also consider contacting professional house moving services to make a successful move to a new office location. As their expertise lies in moving personal belongings, these organizations take special care and value the emotions attached to the items.

7. Update The New Office Details Everywhere 

Let the customers and suppliers know when and where you are relocating, the new company address, and when the business will start regulating again. Make sure to update the business card, letterhead, website, and social media details.

In addition to that, contact Google to have your address and online listing changes a month before the relocation. 

Thys, moving is more challenging than it sounds. Maintain the guidelines and schedule the overall planning, right from deciding the location to contacting the suppliers and vendors to backing up the data. You will be able to transition smoothly in the new location. 

Sum Up

Once you have moved to a new office space, it would be the best time for you to celebrate with the entire workforce. It is important to thank every employee who has contributed to the shift and planned for relocation. 

On a moving day, be sure that the office pathways are empty from the office entrance so that the truck can smoothly load and unload the goods. 

Remember to book reliable movers who will reduce the office relocation stress by executing the move with the least disruptions for the working system. 

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