5 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

A 2023 survey on high utility bills reports that 70% of Americans faced higher utility costs this year, which caused almost 20% of respondents to downsize their homes. Many people move from states like Kentucky to cheaper states like Ohio, which ranks 3rd in the affordability of houses, after downsizing their homes to find more affordable solutions.

A 2021 study reported that around 17,800 Kentuckians moved to Ohio. These stats highlight the need for affordable housing and why downsizing is necessary to make the shift more affordable. You can choose to move after downsizing due to many reasons, the most common being retirement, old age, or an empty nest.

Though many people may associate downsizing their home with losing something, you gain more benefits like increased mobility, financial security, and a better standard of living. For example, you can move from stagnant cities like Louisville to big cities like Chicago with a more exciting lifestyle, ranking as the 26th best city. However, how can you effectively fit your entire life into a smaller space? Downsizing may be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Consider the following tips to streamline your downsizing process. 

Hire Professional Help

Hiring professional help can streamline your relocation process and keep everything on track. These professionals can provide extra support and connect you with reliable movers. You need all the help you can get when downsizing your home, especially if you’re moving long distances. For example, if you’re moving from Louisville to Dallas, that’s more than 800 miles worth of distance.

Imagine renting a truck, loading your stuff, and driving all those miles yourself. What if something goes wrong? If you’re moving to a smaller place across the state, consider the benefits of hiring professional Louisville long distance movers. Your packages aren’t just any luggage. After all, they contain your entire life. With the help of professional movers, you can have peace of mind knowing your valuable possessions are in safe hands. 

They can do the heavy lifting by moving your furniture and appliances. You can also plan your travels according to the mover’s location by tracking them online. This way, you won’t have to wait long hours for your stuff to arrive in your empty new apartment. You can plan your travels accordingly and stay in a hotel while your movers arrive. 

Make a Plan

When downsizing your home, you realize you have many miscellaneous items. According to a recent article by the New York Post, hoarding may be an American trait as the average person currently hoards 23 junk items in their home, with more than 50% of individuals having a great deal of clutter. To fix this issue, you should make a plan to prioritize what to keep and what to throw away.

First, measure the space of your new smaller home and only keep the items that will fit. Consider your lifestyle and each item’s functionality. For example, if you’re moving two blocks from the gym, it’s time to sell any gym equipment gathering dust. However, you can still be confused or hesitant to part with some items.

How do you know what to keep? Try taking a picture of your old home. When you look at it, observe the items you notice first or what attracts your eye. These are the items that you should keep. You can also consider their emotional significance. Ask yourself questions like does this item bring me joy? Or what value does this item have to my life? 

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

An article by The New York Times discusses how the average American woman owns around 103 pieces of clothing but would only wear about 20% of what they own most of the time. Your outfits take up the most space. No matter attached you are to your faded shirt from 2012, it’s just wasting space if you’re not wearing it regularly.

To maximize your closet space, store your fluffy winter coats and thick long-sleeve shirts in decorative storage boxes and discard clothing that no longer fits you. Follow the one-year rule and remove items you last wore over a year ago. You can also sell some of your salvageable clothes on websites like eBay or ThredUp. 

Four-Box Decluttering Method

The four-box decluttering method involves labeling four boxes or bins: 

  • Keep: This item is practical and serves an immediate purpose
  • Donate/Sell: This item is functional but is of no direct use to you
  • Trash: This item is not valuable and serves no primary purpose
  • Unsure: This item may be of use or hold sentimental value

As you go through each item in your home, you place it into one of these boxes based on its relevance and value. Suppose you come across a collection of old magazines. In that case, you can use the four-box method to determine if they hold sentimental value or are just taking up space. If they’re no longer relevant, you can confidently place them in the Donate/Sell or Trash box, freeing up valuable space in your home.

This method is a great way to streamline your decision-making process and simplify the sorting process. When you make piles of designated boxes, it is easier to deal with various items. Once you finalize every package, you can donate/sell or dispose of all extra items at once. 

Start Now

The most challenging part of the downsizing process is starting. You don’t often know when or where to start. It is essential to rise to the challenge and begin immediately. The more you delay the process, the harder it will be for you.

Tell yourself to start for fifteen minutes if you’re not up to the task. Start a timer and force yourself to begin decluttering or make a plan until the timer runs out. Remember that every small step is progress. You need to start small to get to the more significant tasks. Start with small spaces like sheds, garages, or side tables that gather a lot of junk. Get your family involved in the process, and give every member a daily goal to fulfill. The most crucial step is to start now.


A fresh start means a cleaner and decluttered home. Use this downsizing process to begin anew and leave dust and unwanted memories behind with your discarded items. Let this journey be a reminder to only leave room for things that bring you joy and serve a purpose in your life.

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