Seattle Kitchen Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts: Expert Advice

The pulse of your home emits from the kitchen, the place where you gather together and create special memories. It’s the most important room in your home, and it really needs to be functional and updated to get the most out of it.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling Seattle residents may not know exactly where to begin. This list of do’s and don’ts from the experts will help you stay on track.

DO: Set a Budget

The first thing you need to do when you decide to remodel your kitchen is create a budget. Be realistic about what you can afford, and make a list of your needs and wants. You may want the latest gadgets, but they may be out of reach. Instead, focus on what is necessary.

Materials matter when it comes to your costs, too. Quality items do not need to be the most expensive options. Working with a contractor can help you discover the best options that will fit your budget accordingly.

DON’T: Sacrifice Counter Space

One of the most important elements in any kitchen design is counter space. If a design you’re considering eliminates your existing counter space, it’s not the best option. You want to extend the available space to have more room for prep, which will also serve to make your kitchen feel larger, no matter what square footage you have.

DO: Consider Trends

Trends can help you remodel your kitchen into a more modern space. If you’re planning to sell your home, these can help you create a kitchen everyone will covet. However, do be aware that you should go with what you love rather than what everyone else thinks. Choose the colors, materials, and design features that ultimately make you love your kitchen, and let the trends steer you in the right direction.

DON’T: Choose Appliances Last

One big mistake homeowners make as they remodel their kitchens is to choose the appliances last. Work with your space and choose the cabinets and countertops after you have selected your appliances. The refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven should all be chosen first.

DO: Create a Work Triangle

Regardless of size, every well-designed kitchen has a work triangle. With this placement, your refrigerator, stove, and sink are arranged in the most efficient way. You’ll need to consider the shape of your kitchen and then take a look at the layout you can create to make your work triangle work for you.

DON’T: Rush the Process

It’s understandable that you want your kitchen remodel finished ASAP. However, you want to be sure everything is done properly and up to code. Sometimes, issues with plumbing or electricity are uncovered as the remodel takes place. It’s important for your contractor to fix these things first to ensure your new kitchen is in perfect condition and ready to use without a hitch.

DO: Consider Storage Solutions

Your kitchen is the hub of your home and is busier than any other space. You have appliances and accessories that all aid in your ability to cook and entertain. For a kitchen to function best, you need smart storage solutions.

When you take out cabinets or change the layout, you may lose your storage. You need to build it back in somehow to avoid having cluttered counters. Consider extending your cabinets upward or using open shelving. If you have room, a kitchen island with more storage beneath can be a handy spot for large appliances like stand mixers. There are an incredible array of storage options you can add to your kitchen, so take a look at what would be your best fit.

DON’T: Stuff Your Space

You may want a kitchen that has it all, but unless you have massive square footage, you’ll need to pare things back. This is where your needs and wants are important. You may want the latest kitchen gadgets, but if you shove everything into your space, it will make it feel cramped all over again. Consider the items you really need and focus on those to ensure your kitchen has that well-designed look and feel throughout.

DO: Think About Traffic Flow

Your kitchen will only be as functional as your walkways. If you’re already arguing with your spouse and other family members because they’re in your way in the kitchen, you should rethink how you can harmoniously use this space. Wide walkways will make it much easier to keep that flow. Consider at least 36 inches in width, which will give you enough room to move without bumping into others.

In fact, for the best efficiency, you may want to open up the area around where you cook. Keeping this area wider by at least 42 inches will make a world of difference.

DON’T: Start Without Estimates

It helps to look online and see how much some of these things will cost for your kitchen remodel. However, these prices may not be specific to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Use these resources to give you a ballpark estimate first so you can whittle down your design ideas.

By contacting various contractors, you can get estimates for your ultimate kitchen remodel. Make sure they come and look at your property in person to take measurements and make a proper assessment of your available space.

DO: Pick the Right Contractor

After you get estimates, you will need to choose the right contractor to bring your kitchen remodel to life. While your budget is likely a concern, you shouldn’t just go for the contractor that gives you the lowest price.

Take a look at their portfolio and ask to visit any current job sites. A quality contractor will be happy to share these things along with references, certifications, and licensing. Be sure you ask them about their working processes and how they resolve problems. Once you feel comfortable, you can sign a contract and let them get to work.

When Should You Start Remodeling Your Kitchen?

Updating your kitchen will change your home for the better, though be prepared by setting up an area where you can store and heat food. A mini fridge and microwave can help you ride things out until all the details fall into place.

After going through these do’s and don’ts, you can start remodeling. Double-check your contract before you sign it, and ask questions if something isn’t as discussed. Having every detail in writing will ensure that you will not have any upsetting surprises as you remodel your kitchen.

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