14 Aesthetic Bloxburg House Ideas 2022

For numerous years at this point, the WickedWhims mod of The Sims has been extremely popular with gamers of all ages. Nowadays, we tend to jump on a similar game whenever we see it. Now, SimCity, My Time at Porta, and AC New Horizon are well-received and favored; for that reason, one game has been crowned as its heir. We’re, of course, talking about BloxBurg. Not only does the game offer the same idea and gameplay as The Sims, but you also have BloxBurg house layouts that will have you playing for hours upon hours.

BloxBurg is one of the most popular games on Roblox. What sets it apart from its predecessors is the “realistic graphics” that allow you to make your perfect aesthetic BloxBurg house. You’re not familiar with BloxBurg? Essentially, the game is a life simulator in which you can take care of your character’s needs, find jobs, acquire skills, and work on aesthetic houses. The game has some pretty cool animation of the characters watching TV, playing instruments, and even showering.

The game allows you to create full cities and have a multiplayer experience, living in your creation with your buddies. It helps young people and adults shape their imagination with aesthetic houses and buildings. The game has been out since 2016 and stayed in the Beta phase until 2020. Now you can purchase the game for 25 ROBUX. The game is still developing, so you can expect even more features, play options, and cute aesthetic houses to be added.

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You can get BloxBurg house layouts that are worth about five minutes of playing time before you have to spend another 5+ hours making it look perfect. In this article, we’ll be going over 10 of the most popular aesthetic BloxBurg house ideas for all of you gamers out there! You’ll love this list if you love a nice layout and enjoy beautiful homes!

So there we go, 14 modern BloxBurg house ideas that can blow your visual mind away.

1. Anix’ 2 Story Modern Family House

In the first spot, we have a fantastic-looking aesthetic house. On the ground floor, you’ll find a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a garage, a laundry room, and a restroom with a tub. On the first level, you’ll find a bathtub directly next to a wide window; bring some curtains if you plan on using them. There are four bedrooms on the second story and an inner balcony that gives you a bird’s-eye view of the first floor.

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2. Biafur’s Aesthetic Family Home

At first glance, the Aesthetic Family Home appears to be an attractive place to live. Regardless of how you look at it, it is undeniably one of the finest BloxBurg houses. Looking for BloxBurg bedroom and BloxBurg living room ideas? Here’s your inspiration here. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a seating area, the house’s valuation is listed at 61k ROBUX, which is a reasonable price for a property of this size. Working on this BloxBurg layout would be a great time for you.

3. FlurryBlush’s Modern Blush Rose Villa 

Pink is a favorite color for girls. They are unrivaled, “ooze” perfection, and predictably, they are the epitome of excellence. Everything you might want is at Blush Rose Villa, a contemporary retreat in the heart of the countryside. It’s quite stunning, and the whole design is top-notch. FlurryBlush’s trendy blush rose villa sells for 189k ROBUX and comes with everything you need to unwind. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, an office, a dining room, a laundry room, and two storage spaces.

4. iiSxlk’s Family Mansion

iiSxlk’s Family Mansion is a work of art. BloxBurg is a one-sentence-heaven for players. As a writer, I’ll tell you a secret. I was halfway through building my first house when I saw iiSxlk’s aesthetic BloxBurg mansion and decided to bulldoze my land and build the mansion myself. Even though it took me a full week to finish, I’m glad I persevered. I think you’ll be happier with this house because it has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a library, and more. It’s worth about 133,000k ROBUX.

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5. Anix’ Colonial House

Again, we have one of the community’s most famous BloxBurg house layout makers. Anix Colonial House proves how one can still succeed with something great even if they don’t have access to the game pass. It’s a typical family home with all the amenities you’d expect. Five players can stay simultaneously in Colonial House, one of four bedrooms, without feeling cramped. In addition, there is a single garage, a laundry room, and an entry hall. The rest, I’m confident, you’re already familiar with. The home is currently valued at around 65k ROBUX. 

6. iKotori’s Small Family House

Traditional and manly, this little family home has a more domestic feel to it thanks to the darker tones. This home’s interior design is extremely well-executed; everything fits together well, and the hues and styles are perfectly complementary. Take note of the choices made in this one for future builds, and use them as inspiration for your own aesthetic BloxBurg house, 1-story ideas.

7. 7IOUS’s Mediterranean Villa

If you’re looking for something completely different, consider the Mediterranean body type! The countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea are the inspiration for this look. It’s a style of house you’d find near vast bodies of water, such as the ocean. It’s a light and airy aesthetic that can use a lot of raw tan stone. Arches are another typical feature of this style of construction, but Bloxburg makes it a little more challenging. The staircases leading to the backyard and the fountain at the front of this build-in are two of its most impressive features! There’s a heck of a lot of detail inside that’s well worth checking out.

8. BridgeyBloxburg’s Lapis Lakehouse

We’ve all fantasized about living on a lake or other body of water. Our BloxBurg homes can help us fulfill those fantasies. A stay at Lapis Lakehouse is the ideal method to realize your goal and unwind your thoughts. It’s the greatest place to get away from the commotion of the city and recharge your batteries. This mansion is simple to construct, and anyone can do it. In keeping with the southern motif, the mansion features white-colored interiors. For the east flow of air, large windows have been employed throughout.

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9. Jetsicar’s Simple Townhouse

Next, we have an aesthetic BloxBurg house for people who desire a basic but large enough home to live comfortably with their families. This enormous mansion has been thoughtfully laid out to ensure that each member of the family has their own personal space. The cost of building this house for a large family was just 29k ROBUX. A creative person can constantly adjust their home to please their imagination.

10. Cxmilla’s Aesthetics Loft

If you’re looking for aesthetic Bloxburg kitchen ideas, this next item on our list should do the trick. It’s possible to have a home that’s both futuristic and conventional in design. An elegant black-and-white interior serves as the inspiration for this design. Taking the stairwell to the second floor means transporting you to another universe. Black and white accents add a dash of contrast to this home. There isn’t a single thing wrong with this house; everything is exactly where it should be.

11. Ikotori’s Modern Villa Mansion

Seeing someone create something out of their imagination is awe-inspiring. If you take one look at Ikotori’s Modern Villa Mansion, you’ll see that it was well worth the money. The modern home is one of BloxBurg’s most desirable houses, thanks to its enormous 5 bedrooms and backyard. In addition to the above, the house includes office space, three bathrooms, and a laundry room, all for 221k ROBUX. That’s a lot; however, it’s still not the most expensive of our BloxBurg house ideas.

12. Jetsicar’s Winter Mansion

Have a lot of BloxBurg to “splash”? Then stop your search right now. It’s safe to say that this aesthetic Bloxburg 2-story house is massive. It’s the largest BloxBurg house design I’ve ever seen, and the surrounding landscape is stunning. Guest home with all the amenities, a playroom, an indoor pool, a gym, a bar, an event space, and more await you. Priced at 340k ROBUX, the home is a substantial investment.

13. Aesthetrix’ Mid-Century Modern Home

This modest house is a great example of modern mid-century design, one of our absolute favorite designs. Another distinguishing feature of this design is its use of sharp angles and an arched roof. With stone and wood, you’ve got even more natural building resources at your disposal. The stones and sculpted plants in the front yard help to keep the same mood.

14. Cylito’s Minimalist Villa

I’m a sucker for clean, uncluttered spaces. They are beautiful because of their minimalism and lack of ornamentation. Fortunately, Cylito Minimalist Villa will be your go-to if you are a BloxBurg fan who appreciates minimal design. With its relatively modest 59k ROBUXprice tag, this BloxBurg home is one you’ll always wish you possessed.

Bonus: How to Build an Aesthetic Modern House in BloxBurg

If you want to build yourself an aesthetic house in BloxBurg for the first time, but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry; our guide here will help you do it. Here are a few steps you need to take to start building an aesthetic mansion in BloxBurg:

Step #1: Start with the Plot

When you start Bloxburg, you can either purchase a better vacant plot (which will cost you Robux) or auction the basic home you were given. In Build Mode, you can use the bulldozer to sell your house. Regardless of how you choose to create, you’ll need a large open area to do so. This is also a good time to begin brainstorming ideas for the design of your home.

Step #2: Enter the Build Mode in Your Game

On the other hand, if you bought an empty plot in BloxBurg, you need to enter the game’s Build Mode. But if you’ve sold an existing house, the game will automatically forward you to Build Mode, so you don’t have to worry about it. The mode will allow you to start brainstorming ideas and working on house layouts in BloxBurg. Just keep in mind that outside the Build Mode, you can’t work on creating your perfect in-game home.

Step #3: Work on the Walls and Floors

Build Mode is activated when a player enters the mode. Click on the Build button on the screen’s left sidebar. You’ll be presented with a menu from which you can choose Walls. Based on the house blueprints, build walls and rooms. Return to the Build menu and pick Floors once all the rooms have been linked. A right-click on a blank area of the room will fill it with flooring. You’ve completed the foundation of your new home.

Step #4: Complete the Exterior of the House

Parts of the structure can be completed from this point on. This comprises the doors, the roof, the windows, the exterior paint, and so forth. By using the Build Mode menu and the Paint tab, you can finish the exterior of your house. Completion is a personal choice; ends when you’re happy to do so.

Step #5: Finish the Interior of Your Home

The Decorate tab can be used to accomplish this final phase of your project. Decorate your home to your heart’s content. Bedding, carpets, drapes, and much more can be placed! Again, check out our BloxBurg interior ideas above if you need inspiration. This is the last stage in building your dream home; therefore, ensure it’s right for you. When you’re done, click the red X in the lower right corner of the screen.

The Bottom Line on House Layouts in BloxBurg

Those are our top 14 BloxBurg house ideas for 2022. You can either use a BloxBurg house layout to build a nearly-exact replica or you can use one of the examples above as inspiration to create an original home. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to have a lot of fun with the ideas we listed. Good luck and happy house building!

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