In-Depth Guide to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall

Any frameless mirror can be your go-to choice when shifting your house or renovating your bathroom. Almost everyone wants to have a frameless hanging mirror on their walls. That is, people are currently wondering about how to hand a frameless mirror into their houses.

Besides this, normal mirrors are pretty easy to deal with. But when it comes to the frameless full-length wall mirror, it is quite challenging to handle them while mounting them on the walls.

In addition to many tools, a complete list of tips and tricks must be considered when dealing with odd-shaped mirrors.

Thus, we have added some common methods and facts in the guide to help you get how to hand around a mirror without a frame. Let’s get straight to the comprehensive guide below to make you understand things in a better way.

Let’s get started!

Are Frameless Mirrors Any Good?

Frameless Mirrors

If you love to install modern yet high-end furniture in your house, frameless mirrors are everything you need to embellish your area. They are getting in trend now. People always love to look at themselves from head to toe in the mirrors. That is why mirrors are now available with no frames around.

Besides bathrooms, frameless mirrors seem the perfect addition to your living area and bedroom. These features made them even sleeker and demanded compared to the framed mirrors. However, you’ll need ultimate care while installing such mirrors on the walls.

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If you love to live in a brighter or bigger room, you should install a frameless mirror in your area. A frameless round mirror or a frameless door mirror not only allows you to look at yourself in a better way but also makes your room look bigger. Compared to the hanging wall mirror, it will not make you unable to take pictures.

Most people also purchase frameless bathroom mirrors to give a modern look to their bath area. Thus, use mirrors without frames if you think of changing the overall look or renovating the house.

They don’t cover extra spaces like the framed mirrors. In addition to all these factors, a rectangle frameless mirror will increase the bathroom’s or bedroom’s final outlook. However, the only negative point while choosing the frameless mirrors is that they are challenging to hang on the walls. Since there are no frames included, thus, it is pretty susceptible for the person to damage its corners.

Essentials for Hanging a Frameless Mirror

Essentials for Hanging a Frameless Mirror

Is it not necessary to only find the answer to the question of hanging around a mirror without a frame? There are many essentials or tools that you must keep aside when thinking about installing a frameless mirror in your area. Many people think that a wall mirror holder is the only thing they need, but that is not enough.

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A long list of tools and holders is necessary when you think of installing a frameless door mirror or a frameless full-length mirror. Some of the commonest tools that you should gather for installing a frameless mirror are:

  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Screws
  • Toggle bolts
  • Mounting hardware
  • Drilling system
  • Stud finder

3 Different Mechanisms for Hanging a Frameless Mirror on a Wall

Hanging a Frameless Mirror on a Wall

There are many ways to perform this task depending on the type of mounting hardware used by the person installing the frameless mirror. Let’s elaborate on each of these ways:

  • Mirror Clips Method

One of the commonest methods people love to adopt for hanging a frameless mirror on the wall is using the highest quality mirror clips. This method is known for keeping the mirror in its place regardless of its recurrent use.

All you need to do is screw all these mirror clips into the wall and slide the mirror according to the position of the mirror you want. After that, try to adjust the proper position of the mirror along with the clips.

  • Wire or Z-Clips

Another critical method for installing the frameless mirror on the wall is to use wires or Z clips. They are the most integral part of the mounting system. Z-clips are mainly attached to the backside of the frameless mirror. Thus, they will help the mirror around the wall very easily.

However, you must follow the same principle of handing the mirror on the walls while using this method to hang the mirrors on the wall. Try to watch an installation video before installing the frameless mirror with this method.

  • Using Mirror Adhesive

Besides using clips, mirror adhesives also seem like other alternatives for handing the frameless mirrors on your bedroom or bathroom wall. It includes the highest quality adhesive that sticks on the mirror’s backside and attaches it to your desired wall in the house. This method is known for its increased convenience and application procedure.

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Furthermore, you don’t have to spare the whole day to install any frameless mirror on the wall. All you need to do is apply the adhesive to the mirror’s backside and attach it to the wall. Try to apply slight pressure on the wall. This way, you’ll do the adhesive work with the utmost sticking ability.

How to Hang an Unframed Mirror? – Steps You Should Follow!

How to Hang an Unframed Mirror

Besides the requirement for the appropriate tools and mounting hardware, you should have a profound insight into installing unframed mirrors on the walls.

Clip and adhesive methods are used for handling such mirrors on the walls. However, the steps for each process are different. Let’s explore them in detail below:

Install Frameless Mirror with Clips

Install Frameless Mirror with Clips

The common steps and considerations for hanging a frameless mirror on the wall with the help of mirror clips are given as under:

  • Choose the Right Spot of the Mirror

Imagine putting all your efforts into hanging the mirrors on the walls and ending up choosing the wrong position. It can ruin your whole mode in seconds. That is why the first step while hanging the unframed mirrors on the wall is to determine their spot on the walls. It will be going in the position where you will hang the frameless mirror on the wall.

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You can use J or Z-shaped clips to decide the position where you want to mount the mirror safely. You can also ask any other person to hold the mirror for you when determining its position.

  • Determine the Level

There is no benefit of hanging the mirror on the wall when it is not installed straightway. That is why experts suggest using premium quality levels to ensure the installation line is straight. Using a 90-degree roller, you can get the exact estimate of the mirror on the wall.

Make sure to adjust the angle of the level and draw a straight line. It will help you determine the exact or accurate position of the spot of the mirror.

  • Check the Surface of the Wall

Another step in installing the frameless mirror on the wall is to double-check the overall surface of the targeted wall. The mirror will not fit properly if the wall’s surface isn’t clear. Thus, you can use the highest quality of a straight-edged board that determines the evenness of the wall.

In addition to this, another method for checking the even surface of the wall includes the power sanders and sandpaper wrapped in a wooden block.

  • Install the Studs

Now that you’re done choosing the right place for installing the frameless mirror, the next step is to install the studs for the better placement of frameless mirrors on the wall. Studs are the wooden support beams that provide a stable base for the frameless mirror. Furthermore, the studs’ place prevents the mirrors from falling from the wall.

  • Adjust the Studs with the Width of the Mirror

Installing studs on the walls isn’t necessary. The person placing the mirror on the wall needs to adjust the exact width of the mirror with the bottom mirror clips. A professional manufacturer can get the appropriate width clips and adjustment measurements.

  • Time to Drill the Holes

Now that you are done measuring all the possible positions for installing studs on the wall, it’s time to drill the holes. These holes make it easier for the user to adjust the bottom clips in the wall. Try to drill on the marked position on the wall. In addition to this, screw the drills tightly into the wall. You can use the highest quality screwdriver to adjust the screws of drills in the wall.

  • Drill Pilot Holes and Install the Mirror on the Wall

After drilling the screws in the positioned places on the wall, the next step is to drill the pilot holes on the upper side of the clip brackets. Now, you can slide the appropriate size of the mirror inside the screws or the pilot holes. Ensure the stability of the mirror on the wall to prevent it from falling.

Install Frameless Mirror with Adhesive

Install Frameless Mirror with Adhesive

In addition to installing the frameless mirror with the help of high-quality screws, you can use long-lasting adhesive solutions. However, some common steps for this method of installing the frameless mirrors on the wall are given as under:

  • Mark the Appropriate Position on the Wall

When thinking about installing the frameless round mirror on the wall, the first step is to hold the mirror against the wall and decide on the right position. You can use a pencil or any marker to adjust the position of the mirror. Besides the pencil, you can also use painter’s tape to mark the right position of the mirror on the wall.

Try to mark the boundaries with the tape because the applied adhesive can damage the surrounding area around the tape.

  • Prepare the Area for the Application of Adhesive

The adhesive is the only material that will keep the frameless mirror on the wall. Thus, make sure to prepare the wall before applying the adhesive to it. To do so, clean the wall, so it goes well with the strong adhesive bond. Wipe off the wall with a clean cloth.

  • Apply the Adhesive to the Wall

After preparing the wall, it’s time to apply the highest quality of adhesive to the wall. A special kind of mastic solution is applied to the wall to install the frameless mirror. Almost all manufacturers of frameless mirrors provide an appropriate solution for installing mirrors. Another point to consider here is to check the solution’s compatibility with the mirror that is to be installed.

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An inappropriate type of adhesive solution is dangerous since it can damage the silver coating on the mirror’s backside.

  • Stick the Mirror to the Wall and Remove the Base

After applying the adhesive to the wall, it’s the right time to stick the mirror on the wall. Try to press the mirror against the wall to maintain contact for a little while. When the mirror sticks to the wall, remove the wooden base you installed to provide substantial support to the mirror. Perform this procedure with ultimate care since it holds the chance of cracking the mirror.

Can You Hire Professionals for Installing the Frameless Mirrors?

Yes, if you still do not know how to install the frameless round mirror, you can hire any professional. Even the carpenters can assist you with the faultless mirror installation on the wall.

Final Words:

We have tried our best to guide you in-depth about the process, tools, and hardware used to install a frameless mirror on the wall. Make sure to follow all the tips and tricks and install your favorite mirror in no time.

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