Top 5 Bathroom Renovations For Your New House

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, the bathroom is a safe haven. It is a place of rest and comfort after a long day. It is also a place to wind down when we need self-care and attend to our skin and body.

This means bathroom renovation should be a big part of your renovation program. In this excerpt below, we will discuss some of the phenomenal bathroom renovations you absolutely need in your new house.

From all the texture necessities to the aesthetic wonderland, we have it all covered!

Why Have A Bathroom Renovation

Now you might be wondering whether you should get a bathroom renovation. Then there are the reasons which will convince you enough:

It will help you wake up early in the morning. Yes, it sounds bizarre, but when you think about it, you have something to be excited about. Taking a relaxing bath or a shower right before the hustle begins.

You will be able to discover any underlying bathroom problems beforehand. For example, leakage and molding can occur if you buy an old house.

Renovation is easier in a new house, especially before you have moved in. Or else you might have to deal with daily obstruction because of bathroom reconstruction (it is noisy!).

You can amp up your bathroom into a new storage place. You can build cabinets to store lingerie, makeup, and toiletries. Everything will require you to get ready in the morning or for bed.

You can have smart bathroom renovations early on. For example, have a special radiator for the bathroom to make it extra cozy in the winter.

Now, here are the different ideas for your new bathroom:

1. Wood Heated Floors

If you are starting with the renovation, begin with a little comfort. Other than the shower region, which will constantly have moisture, you can turn the rest into heated floors. Especially ideal for winter regions or seasons which can get really cold.

The heated floors can help make the bath experience much warmer, like being wrapped in a cocoon. It will be easier for you to wake up in the morning and start your day with a bath without anticipating the floors being too cold.

You can add a radiator in the bathroom along with the heated floors. This will help you get some of the people who could get 

2. Large Textured Walls

Textured people are enjoying their limelight now. Every Architectural Digest is not featuring a bathroom that has textures adding depth to the existing interior design. Plus, one could also add soundproof insulation to the bathroom.

Textile tiles are also easier to maintain and give you an area to add extra lighting. You can also choose the theme of the textile-based on what your bathroom should look like. For example, white tiles with black borders for a mid-century modern look. Or a large marble texture for a minimalistic bathroom look.

If you want your bathroom to execute a warm and welcoming feeling, you should try a large textured wall, either with wood or tea stain.

3. Gold Accents With Accessories

Trends will come and go, but a bathroom with gold accents will always remain timeless. The vintage touch, along with the luxury feel, could amp up any bathroom. Not only is it one of the most sought designs in 2023, but it is fairly easy to get that gold accent look.

This is how you can bring gold opulence to your new bathroom within a reasonable budget.

  • Gold accents for bathroom hangers, handles, faucets, showers, and lights.
  • White tiles with gold marbled texture for the walls.
  • Add a golden chandelier in the middle to add more of that luxurious feel.
  • Add huge mirrors with gold frames.

Remember! Not to get gold misshapen with age-old brass. The two are totally different colors!

4. Free Standing Tubs & Walk In Showers

People are ditching the idea of fixed-side rectangular tubs and opting for free-standing oval tubs. The separate shower would be for hygiene, and the tub would be for the purpose of relaxation. If you have a huge bathroom space, turn it into a master bathroom. The ultimate space for relaxation!

The best part about a separate tub is how they can match your bathroom’s accent. Gone are the days of simple white tubs (unless you are into them!). Now, you can opt for marbled tubs with customized stands, also sturdy enough to hold a hefty body weight.

A standing tub will give you the space to decorate elsewhere. For example, a side table accentuated with aromatic candles and bath essentials. A designer tower stands on top of a chandelier right in the middle (over the tub). If your tub is side faced, a giant mirror can also add to the detail.

5. Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are not only chic, but they also add immensely to the storage problem almost every household has. Floating vanities utilize vertical spaces for toiletries and other storage items. While the underneath portion remains clear, it is also easier to keep your bathroom clean and regularly checks for molds.

Or else, with the floor touching cabinets, it is easier for the wooden or marble material to rot due to moisture. Therefore, their literal shelf life falters! 

Plus, you can turn the space into extra storage for your laundry.

Try to hang the mirrors a little above the faucet (not aligned) since continuous contact with the mirror can lead to water marks everywhere in the mirror, leading to extensive cleaning almost every week.

Get Renovating Today!

These are not DIY renovations, especially when you are changing the entire face of your bathroom. It will require the deconstruction of old tiles, new electrical wiring for the lights, and the setting up of new faucets and showers.

There are times when you should let the professionals handle it. Without any further deliberations, you should call upon the trusted experts for HDB renovations for your first consultation.

Among all the above-mentioned options, they should be able to give you expert advice on which would look best!

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