5 Ways to Decorate To Sell Your Home

If you’re off to sell your home, then you should be aware that there are ways you can fix it up without breaking the bank doing so. After all, it takes more than a “For Sale” sign in your yard in order to sell a house even in the best of markets (and today’s housing bubble just recently burst as well). 

1. Keep the Surfaces Clutter-Free

It takes more than vacuuming the living room to sell a home but on the other hand it’s a good place to start. The most appealing homes in the market are those that remain clutter-free and pristine. If you wish to sell at any price immediately, you don’t need to bother sprucing up the place.

However, a little effort in cleaning can go a long way in keeping your home presentable to buyers. This will definitely entice all sorts of cash home buyers in fact. They’re specifically looking for places of residence that serve as a source of peace and stress relief rather than chaos, clutter, and stress.

2. Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor

It’s definitely a must to hire commercial roofing contractors. Your roof is the part of your home that shelters you and, thusly, is most prone to abuse. You need to do simple things like having leaks and holes plugged up with sealant to considering repairs of rusted tin roofs or damaged clay tiles.

A fresh coat of paint over your roof might be a huge ask, especially if you want the home buyer to take care of it rather than yourself. However, the cost of a pristine roof can be worth its weight in gold when the assessors come and assess the overall value of your home for sale.

3. Do Some Rational or Minor Remodeling

According to the National Association of Realtors, the selling price is directly influenced by the number of bathrooms in your home. Every bath you have can add 24 percent to the selling price when push comes to shove. It’s a perfectly rational remodeling choice.

Therefore, if you want to add value to your home, consider adding bathrooms to your home—whether they’re powder rooms (a toilet with no shower or bathtub) or a full bathroom (a toilet and a shower or bathtub). Or you can make a few small updates like new drawer pulls and some such.

4. Understand the Context of Your Neighborhood

When we say, “Understand the context of your neighborhood”, we mean be aware of where your home is and if a remodeling job is worthwhile or not. You might not care as long as the check clears in getting work done at your Manhattan home.

However, many Manhattan residents tend to rip apart your recently installed anything in favor of putting in their own remodeling aesthetics. Know whether a remodeling job is worth doing or not. Know when not to bother in light of where your home is.

5. Keep Your Paint Jobs Neutral

If you’re remodeling your home for yourself, paint your rooms in whatever color you like. You’re the king of your domain, and no one will care if you turned your bedroom walls blood-red. However, if you’re repainting your bedrooms or whole house for resale purposes, it’s best to keep colors neutral.

There’s a method to this basic home sale tip. A light wall color is universally accepted compared to bright or intense colors. Furthermore, any room that doesn’t get enough sun will benefit from a whitewall type of color. Not harsh white though—something more like a tinge of beige or pale lemon.

Things to Consider

The secret to selling a lived-in residence can be a simple as keeping it as tidy and well-maintained as possible. You can also have it emptied out with you already moving elsewhere prior to selling it, but sometimes keeping your stuff inside during home tours can do wonders to appealing to buyers.

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